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Short Abstract – Qualitative study

Last updated on April 14, 2024

My dissertation will consist of three papers from a mixed methods research study that I started in 2022. Next Spring at the Population Association of America annual conference, *hope* to present Paper I from my dissertation. Here is the short abstract I submitted –

Structural racism is the contributing factor to inequality. Historical accounts of segregated African American settlements in Texas, known as freedom colonies, have been neglected in population studies. The aim of this study is to conceptualize freedom colonies as a pursuit for independence from domination and explore outcomes within the framework of Recognition theory. This approach considers processes and varied effects of structural racism as well as self-determination, presenting a counternarrative. Using semi-structured interviews, 14 African American men and women from Texas freedom colonies recounted various experiences of structural racism and the collective agency utilized to persist. Themes such as family, labor, civic leadership, education, and land ownership, are critically analyzed and explained using the three forms of Recognition theory – love, rights, and social esteem. This qualitative research highlights the overlooked impact of freedom colonies within population studies and the importance of recognizing the diversity within marginalized groups.

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